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‘Cup of Tea Books’


Returning to the theme of books, I wanted to mention ‘Cup of Tea Books’.

I’m sure you know the ones I mean, the books you return to time and time again. For many people it is the classics such as Jane Eyre, for others it may be a favourite series.

Maeve Binchy will always be one of my favourites, I would also count Elizabeth Jane Howard and her Cazelet Chronicles. Perhaps there is a theme, they are all stories of families through the years. The characters develop over time to become like old friends.

When I need a book to chill out with then I’ll turn to one of these.

Sometimes I think these are ‘easy’ books to read as they often deal with everyday life but I am sure they were not easy to write! If I could write one story with characters you would like to ‘meet’ again then I’d be very happy!





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