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Simply Not Perfect

Life isn’t perfect.

When I started writing this blog I was very aware I didn’t want it to be a relentless round of cheery posts with no indication of the reality of life.

On the way I’ve found it to be so much harder to write a blog post about sadness. I don’t want to be the person spreading sadness and yet there are always things that upset, worry and make me sad.

No one has fabulous days every day.

It’s the tough days that make me appreciate the good ones all the more

Searching for the sun.

So if I post a photo of my garden, I’ll usually take it on a bright, sunny day. Sometimes I’ll have to wait for quite a few days for the sun to appear and when it does I’m out there,  really appreciating the light.

For every flower, fruit, vegetable and so on I’ve been proud of, there have been the plants I’ve put in the wrong position, or not fed correctly, or something (who knows what!) and they’ve not survived.

However, every seed, every bulb, every plant has been planted with optimism – I’m going for the cup is half full!

I guess there’s ups and downs in nature and in life but I’m going to keep on plugging away.

A close up of  a murmuration of starlings at Aberdeen beach. (Not a very sunny day!)







6 thoughts on “Simply Not Perfect

  1. Wow, a murmuration of starlings – lovely. Beautiful photos. Thank you – l enjoyed reading the blog today. That’s life – up and down.


  2. That second photo is beautiful, really draws the eye. Love this recognition of the breadth of daily experience. I planted some bulbs with optimism this past weekend with the kid, haven’t planted any in years as they get eaten/don’t come up, but it was a beautiful day to mess about in the garden and you never know.


    1. Bulb planting – love it! Have realised that for a little effort I get a lot of happiness from the spring flowers. (and have also learnt to plant before it gets too cold and my fingers freeze!)


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