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The other day I helped out at a bookstall for a Girl Guides Fair.

Well it just so happened that I had a ‘Tinkerbell’ book in my hand as a lady and her little daughter approached. With exclamations of delight she said her daughter loved ‘Tinkerbell’ books but there aren’t many about and so she has to get them out the library. Now her wee girl thinks the books are hers! 

So, we got talking and I asked her if she’d looked online. Immediately she mentioned ‘The Big A’ and I agreed but also said how about other second hand bookshops online?

Anyway, it got me to thinking. When I joined a book group a few years ago we discussed where everyone bought their books from.

Some went straight to the High Street, others to the aforementioned online store, still more to buy second hand online and one lady usually used the library.

It made me stop and think. There are so many options out there. It is easy to buy with one click but if I take just a little more time to search for the book I want I could be saving money and hopefully helping the environment too. (I know, I haven’t even mentioned e-books!) thumb_IMG_1327_1024

Recently we made our way back to the delight that is The Bookmark in Grantown-on-Spey. I have to confess I bought four books – a massive treat, not just to buy them but also to go in and chat about books in such a great environment.

Buying books is a complete joy to me and these days I pick carefully where I buy them from. One here, one there. I picked up a few great bargains at the bookstall, I’ve collected my recent book group choice from the library and I’m hoping for a book voucher for my birthday so I can do a little bit of High Street shopping too!

Here’s hoping!


Where’s your favourite place to buy or borrow books from?


Hyacinth in the Spring sunshine




4 thoughts on “Book Shopping

  1. Happy Birthday when it arrives, Sareen! I like to use the library service to borrow paperbacks, ebooks and I just listened to my first audio library book too. I’m a sucker for buying books at author talks and book signings, and try to share the rest of my book buying between Waterstones and the Big A. I also love to support book stores when visiting somewhere new. I’m currently trying to abstain from book buying, concentrating on shortening my TBR list instead. It’s not going well!

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  2. Hey, nice post, lovely books. I’ve enjoyed some Barbara Pym but not that one so will be curious to know if you like it. I’ve been listening to way more audiobooks in the last year or two woth the library app — it was OverDrive for a while and then they updated it to Libby.


    1. Hi Gavin, thanks for the comment! I’ve just finished ‘Jane and Prudence’ and would definitely recommend it. I’m looking forward to reading more Barbara Pym. I keep meaning to get the Library audio app and now I think I’ll get onto it.


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