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Okay, this sunflower photo had to have pride of place here, right at the top, hopefully bright and cheery!

I wondered if anything would come of the seeds since I planted them a bit late but my imperfect timing doesn’t seem to have really mattered.

Flowers have now appeared: majestic crowns on top of their giant bodies. (I’m thinking of Jack and the Beanstalk here!).

As far as I remember I’ve loved sunflowers since I first saw an exhibition of Van Gogh paintings at The Burrell Collection in Glasgow, I think it was in 1990. A while ago I was lucky enough to go to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, where I unashamedly enjoyed filling in the worksheet provided for the children!

On a practical note I think I can chop off the head (!) and leave it out for the birds in the winter for feed, surely a win-win all round?

Maybe next year I’ll plant the seeds late again or maybe early, who knows?



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