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Lost in a Good Book

Libraries Week


Thank goodness for the libraries. Otherwise the rest of the shelves on my already overfull bookshelves would collapse!



I’ve given many books away over the years but some are just too difficult to part with: the presents from a special person, the book I read on a great holiday, the one I would like to read again, the book I know I should read but haven’t!

These shelves have now also become a deposit for books my children have outgrown but I am finding it hard to give away!

Visiting the library always brings back happy memories. Pushing open the heavy wood and glass door I used to feel I had walked into a whole new world. One where shelves of books were all at my height and arranged neatly so I could instantly spot a new book. The librarians sat at a desk low enough for me to talk to them and they would often recommend a new author.

 “A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert.” Andrew Carnegie

Nowadays I’ve realised the benefit of the Library App and I can request a book in seconds. My latest trick is to borrow the books for our book club reads and then if I really like the book I can think about buying it.

The only problem is, when I go in to collect the book I always find a few more to read and then, well, where does the time go when you’re lost in a good book?




5 thoughts on “Lost in a Good Book

  1. Loved reading about your view of the library as a kid. Made me realize one of the reasons I really like one of our local libraries is the kid-height circulation desk — the other library has great librarians, but a high desk. I do love the library!


  2. I used to love going in to the library after school and asking the librarian, Pat, to find me some books. These days, living a life abroad, I feel sad that my children can’t grow up with those same precious moments


    1. Hi Sophie, I’m so glad this brought back happy memories! I have often felt the same way, thank goodness for the school library. Not quite the same as going out with a bundle of books under your arm though. Hope you are all well. xx


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