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It has to be …


Well, it has to start with a teapot really, doesn’t it?thumb_IMG_7485_1024


I have to confess I bought this teapot over 20 years ago, it’s travelled with me around the world and yet, I don’t think I’ve ever had a cup of tea from it.

It is strange looking back at the things we keep as we move houses and countries, as we age, as our families grow and change. Why did I keep this teapot when so many other things have been left behind along the way?

I bought it on holiday in Keswick in the Lake District but when I recently returned to the town, it was only to discover the place I bought it from, The Teapottery, was no longer there.  A little reminder not to look back too much but to keep on moving forward?

I know am certainly not alone in admiring a teapot. Hans Christian Anderson was moved to write a story about one.

Now, like Aladdin, I’m going to wipe this teapot, have a cup of tea and maybe, just maybe, it will be an inspiration for me to write!





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