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The Patchwork Plan

I have a plan. I’m setting myself a target.

One blog post a week for the next year.


My posts will be a patchwork of ideas, inspiration, and, hopefully, a little bit of sunshine – all in the time it takes to have a cup of tea!

I am a self-confessed Jack (Jill)-of-all-trades: someone who is always happy to learn new skills. So to pin down a theme for a blog has proven too difficult for me!

So, what to expect? Well if I had to write a recipe for this blog it would include:

books, writing, poetry, wildlife, gardening, baking, crafts, travel, music, the seasons, children, dog walking and more I’m sure.

Most of all I’d like to share the things that make me smile.

I hope you like it and I’m looking forward to having fun writing!


Last week I planted some hyacinth bulbs, getting ready for the coming winter days when there aren’t so many flowers in the garden.

As I did this I was thinking about National Poetry Day on Thursday and how one of my favourite poems for children  is Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Bed in Summer’.

For me this poem is always a reminder of the long summer nights when you just want to be outside enjoying the light. Planting hyacinths is a signal of the shortening of the hours of daylight when you are inside so much more. Hence the need for hyacinths!



(Pictured mug; ‘Machair’ by Highland Stoneware, Lochinver – and there’s always time for a flower photo!)




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