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Books, books everywhere

A book upstairs, a book downstairs, one in the door of the car, if I don’t have a book near to hand then I’ll feel a bit lost to be honest.

Talking to others, I know I’m not the only one like this and I recently read the lovely Books in my Handbag Blog and felt I was totally at home.

On my own site I have the Cup of Tea booklist with the books people said they’d return to again and again. In the Books in my Handbag blog, Jessie Cahalin has a ‘Reader Recommends’ page where she has asked for the titles of books which have fed your reading addiction.

I sent my books in, of course I could not stick to one as I have so many favourites but The Chalet School and Anne of Green Gables certainly stand out in my memory. thumb_IMG_8314_1024

Perhaps it was the strong, independent characters or maybe it was because they were part of a series.

It could have been the beginning of learning to love the writing of a particular author and searching for the other books they have written.

Taking the time to think back to which books inspired me was so enjoyable I thought I’d like to pass it on.


Do you have any books you’d add to the Books in my Handbag Blog or My Cup of Tea booklist? I’d love to know. 








4 thoughts on “Books, books everywhere

  1. Love the photo of your favourite books in your handbag, Sareen. Jessie’s is a fantastic book blog but I’ve never got to round to sharing my own favourite (Kathryn Stockett’s The Help) – you’ve inspired me to do it this week! Goes without saying that I love your Cup Of Tea book list too.

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  2. Good to know that I am not alone in my need to have a book everywhere. No surprise but most of mine are cake books, on my kindle library! At home I always have a thriller on the go. Cathie

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