International Book Giving Day!

I moved a bookshelf this week only to discover each shelf had two layers of books! Quite a lot of books really!


So the bookcase is moved but what to do with all these books?

You see, what if it’s a rainy day, like today and I need a wee comfort Cup of Tea book to read in between my new books?

Well, I just happened to read on the blog Story Snug that February the 14th is the day to share the love of books, it is International Book Giving Day. How lovely! I think this is one of those ‘namedays’ I could really get behind!

Now, I’m guessing this will be a great excuse to shop for new books but I think it could also be a great day to drop off a pile at the charity shop too and share this love of books. So it’s time to go through the book mountain again, I am sure there’s more I could give away.

I just need one or two boxes….




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