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A butterfly moment

thumb_IMG_8368_1024You see shoes. One in front of the other. Marching. Hands jammed in your pockets. Head bent towards the ground. Your view narrow, restricted. For all you can see the rest of the world may not exist.


You hear your breath grow steadily louder. Unconsciously your head rises centimetre by centimetre. There is the path leading into the distance.


The daily fog is clearing, your head turns, appreciating the trees, the leaves, the birdsong.

Then at last. A sigh escapes. It is here. The moment on every walk when your thoughts begin to soar. Your shoulders drop, your head lifts up and there is the sky in all its glory.


This is the moment ideas fly freely, the answers to the questions of the day appear, and often seem so obvious, you wonder, why didn’t you think of that before?

Well, now is the time. That beautiful, butterfly moment, to capture, embrace, enjoy and breathe.




8 thoughts on “A butterfly moment

  1. So true Sareen. But it is lovely at the moment when we have head down to see all the bulbs coming up, snowdrops popping their heads out – think they are in for a fright! Cathie

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