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Perfect Pawprints

What to say about today? When snow has fallen?

Today is a day for play, to create, build a snowman, a snowdog, a reindeer. To laugh and say, ‘It’s the wrong type of snow to build a snowman!’

Perfect pawprints on winter’s parchment.thumb_IMG_8065_1024 The world softened, silenced under a fresh white duvet. Walking to the sounds of our own crunching and scrunching footsteps. Lichen replaced by a streak of white, light glistening low amongst the trees.thumb_IMG_8055_1024





To sledge and slide and glide and fly down hills of sugared ice. To search for icicles or to skate freely on frozen ponds.


If I don’t today, the snow may be gone tomorrow. Carpe diem!

What would you choose to do on a snowy day?



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