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Twittering on about Technology

I found myself watching the last fifteen minutes of The Apprentice this week.

One of the finalists was accused of being too cautious when it came to her use of technology. Well now, I thought, that I can understand! In fact, I’m sure my family would consider there to be a real similarity between me and the contestant in this regard!

It has taken me years to begin writing a blog.  I only recently joined Twitter. I have been sporadic on Facebook and I opened a Pinterest account years ago and have only recently put anything on it! Oh well, c’est la vie!


So on this cold morning as Jack Frost spreads his swirling spirals ever further, I began to think about it all and realised that technology has opened some interesting doors.

Through Facebook I’ve become a member of bookclubs and stayed in contact with my family and so many lovely people I’ve met on my travels.

It was on Twitter I heard about the centenary celebrations for Muriel Spark (of ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’ fame) including the exhibition at the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh which is on my ‘to do’ list.


I discovered Robert Macfarlane’s ‘word of the day’ on Twitter. Linked to nature they are very inspiring and I love the way he adds in so many languages.

The lovely Rae Cowie introduced me to Goodreads and I’ve been having fun writing book reviews (and finding more book recommendations!).

I’m so encouraged by this way to share my love of reading, writing, nature, gardening and so on, there’s only one thing.

Just don’t tell my family! (They’ll never believe it!)


I couldn’t finish without saying a huge thank you to Small Beer Press for help with this website and to Shane Strachan and all at the Aberdeen Writers Room for their fantastic help and support!






3 thoughts on “Twittering on about Technology

  1. Thanks so much for the kind mention, Sareen. I’m not certain I use Goodreads to the fullest but it’s a nice place to discover new books and authors. You’re doing brilliantly with social media – several steps ahead of me in creating your lovely blog! Looking forward to reading many more of your posts in 2018. Xx

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  2. Your family is reading! This can’t be the same Sareen ….. technology! Is there a ghost writer here?

    Seriously your blog is great and you are making all the tech work for you!

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