A Book Lover’s Lunch

This week is Book Week Scotland organised by the Scottish Book Trust.

One of the suggestions is to hold a ‘Reading Lunch’ tomorrow on November the 30th  which is incidentally also St Andrew’s Day.

This seems a great idea to me. What could be more relaxing than taking the time out to have lunch and enjoy a good book? I’m all for it!

Then again, this presents me with a dilemma. Which book to read? As usual, I have several on the go at one time.

The question is which one of these would go best with my cheese sandwich?


Well, as Muriel Spark’s protagonist is on a diet of eating only half of everything in order to lose weight and as I have bought some Dutch Edam cheese for a change, I think it will have to be The Miniaturist and I can picture myself in Amsterdam with Nella.

I wonder if I could get away with having a ‘Reading Dinner’ at night to celebrate St Andrew’s day and I could read my Muriel Spark book and eat shortbread? Sounds like a good day to me!



So which book will you read over lunch tomorrow and will your food choices influence the book or vice versa?


Worth a look! The Scottish Book Trust have published an e-book of stories on the theme of ‘Nourish’.



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