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The Daily Walk

They are there in every country I pass through. I am in transit while they are as solid as the very trees lining my path.IMG_7391

 I’ve learnt to look out for them for whatever the weather they will appear.

They are the walkers. They step out of their doors, take in the world, and become part of the daily scene.

I long to ask them, what is your story? To tell them how they inspire me.

Cheeks, rose red with effort, the rhythmic thump of walking sticks, the wagging tails of their canine companions, a smile, a nod, a hello, all create for me a familiar human landscape.

Like them, I too have learnt the value of a daily walk. As if by walking I press a magic reset button within myself. I am suddenly aware of the sights, sounds, smells of the outside world around me. I discover the sky above me in all its moods.

There is the realization that this world is bigger than my worries and I am not alone.


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