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Sweet Peas


Back in April I spent five minutes sewing a few sweet pea seeds. As the weeks passed I spent a minute or two watering the seedlings now and then. It didn’t take long to pot them on as they grew taller. Being a fair weather gardener I planted them outside on a dry day.

Now, today I am picking the flowers. It’s early morning and it looks like it’s going to be a warm, sunny day. What a  great start to my day to smell the perfume of these delicate beauties, to admire the combination of colour, to feel the pride of achievement.


To know that five minutes here or there can slowly, slowly build to something beautiful.



Poetry link: Alfred Noyes, ‘A Child’s Vision’.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Peas

  1. My mother-in-law used to grow sweet peas and whenever I smell them I think of happy times in her garden. Gorgeous photos and a great reminder that even small snatches of (writing) time make a difference.

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