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Perfect Pawprints

What to say about today? When snow has fallen?

Today is a day for play, to create, build a snowman, a snowdog, a reindeer. To laugh and say, ‘It’s the wrong type of snow to build a snowman!’

Perfect pawprints on winter’s parchment.thumb_IMG_8065_1024 The world softened, silenced under a fresh white duvet. Walking to the sounds of our own crunching and scrunching footsteps. Lichen replaced by a streak of white, light glistening low amongst the trees.thumb_IMG_8055_1024





To sledge and slide and glide and fly down hills of sugared ice. To search for icicles or to skate freely on frozen ponds.


If I don’t today, the snow may be gone tomorrow. Carpe diem!

What would you choose to do on a snowy day?



Inspiration · Nature · Trees

Nature’s Fairylights

Outside is a day I would like to stay that way – outside!


Still I stomp along on my walk until slowly I realise where I am and what I am doing. I lift my head from the study of my welly boots. Visibility is poor, I can’t see further than the line of trees ahead. The world beyond is hidden, has become mystical and mysterious.

I tiptoe along the edge of mini lochs which appeared overnight. Coming to a standstill I see, what? What is it exactly that I am taking my time to see? What aspect of nature will I have the chance to appreciate today?


Crystal fairy lights clinging to bare branches.

I tuck away my camera. Not every day is a bright, sunny one but each one certainly has its own moment, its own beauty.






The following day …


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Welcoming Winter

I open my curtains every morning to gauge the weather. I suppose I could look at my phone and the Weather App would tell me but old habits die hard.

If it hadn’t been for the time I lived abroad I probably wouldn’t be so conscious of this part of my daily routine. I opened the curtains one morning after about six weeks in my new home to another day of blue sky.



It had been the same every day since I arrived. It was then I realized that the daily habit of a lifetime was of no more use. It was going to be pretty much sunny with cloudless skies, every day.

Now don’t get me wrong, coming from Scotland I felt there was much to be delighted about by this!




This morning I opened the curtains and a frost covered the ground. It hadn’t been there the morning before.


I knew it would be cold outside and yet, what a beautiful scene lay before me.

Nature’s artist providing a final flourish, the one to give it that wow! factor. The touch to highlight the beauty, clarify the lines, exaggerate every detail. It is a shout out to us all – Look! Look at how stunning Nature is; the delicacy, the intricacy.

My own choice and knowledge of words will never be enough to describe the scene and yet, how does it make me feel?

Like a child. Opening the curtains in the morning brings a dawning in me, winter is here. The time of woolly hats and mittens, boots and heavy coats has arrived. I step out the door to an icy freshness.

Sun, of a light different to the warm glows of Autumn, displays the frosty sparkle. It is a muted, hazy light contrasting with the freshness of the air. The first lulling you into hibernation as the latter wakes you up, demanding your attention.

I think of the bulbs underground. Tucked up for winter. Thinking of them brings me onto spring, but then again, what is the rush? Why not welcome the winter, enjoy the precious light of the days and the evenings, tucked up, almost hibernating myself? Safe in the knowledge the bulbs are waiting.


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Countryside Yarns

Autumn has swept in with all the colours of a warm, woolly scarf.

I went on holiday recently, full of enthusiasm to leave and have a change. Well, the holiday was a real treat but so was the return.

In the time I was away the countryside has been transformed. Summer has ended but a new season, a fresh start has begun.


Last year I planted a rowan tree by our front door. As a child I remember being told a rowan tree was always planted in Scottish gardens by the front door to ward off evil. On the other hand, the wood is also used to make wands.

I don’t know if any of it is true but this rowan tree has certainly given us a magical  display with it’s long fingers of reds, oranges and greens.

Now I just need to put on my own woolly scarf, go out, and start planting bulbs for the spring.



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The Daily Walk

They are there in every country I pass through. I am in transit while they are as solid as the very trees lining my path.IMG_7391

 I’ve learnt to look out for them for whatever the weather they will appear.

They are the walkers. They step out of their doors, take in the world, and become part of the daily scene.

I long to ask them, what is your story? To tell them how they inspire me.

Cheeks, rose red with effort, the rhythmic thump of walking sticks, the wagging tails of their canine companions, a smile, a nod, a hello, all create for me a familiar human landscape.

Like them, I too have learnt the value of a daily walk. As if by walking I press a magic reset button within myself. I am suddenly aware of the sights, sounds, smells of the outside world around me. I discover the sky above me in all its moods.

There is the realization that this world is bigger than my worries and I am not alone.