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A Year of Writing


I set a target to write a blog for a year. Well, I did. Now …



Eight reasons why writing a blog has been a good thing for me.

1. The discipline to write and post once a week

2.  To connect with new people

3.  To take time to reflect

4.  The garden, photos and writing all link together

5.  To join the Big Bee Count and the Big Butterfly Count and share

6.  To walk the dog – with purpose, giving me time to think about the blog post

7.  To learn eg. – about Lady Bird Johnston and her ‘Beautification Programme’

8.  To read and review books


Funnily enough, one of the things I had to learn was to give myself a holiday from the blog!


So, what next?

A new target.

This year I’d like to write a fortnightly blog and continue with the other types of writing I love;  writing for children, short stories, poems and so on.

I hope you’ll join me along the way and I’d welcome your feedback!

Time to switch the kettle on, love!


Stunning Sweet Peas


Thank you

Thank You!

I always enjoy a trip to the library. Now, mix that in with a Book Festival and I thought to myself, this is a winner. Well, I was right on more than one count!

With Dallas King receiving my prize.

Visiting the Central Library in Aberdeen for the Granite Noir Crime Fiction Festival recently I put my name in for the raffle and won!

Thanks to the staff at Central Library and to Bolinda Audio for the fantastic prize.  I am looking forward to listening to and sharing these super audiobooks!





Despite the cold weather – the tulips are coming through!