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A Kaleidescope of ‘Butterfly Moments’

Now, I am a person who enjoys exercise, mostly once I’ve finished! I love the sense of achievement.

Owning a dog has made me walk in weather I probably wouldn’t have otherwise and I’ve spoken before about the ‘butterfly moment‘ on a walk when your mind suddenly seems to relax and fly free. Leaving your thoughts clearer to return to everyday life again with new enthusiasm.

A special butterfly ‘moment’.

Well, I’ve been going swimming and something I’ve noticed is that at a certain point I smile when I swim. Slightly bizarre I confess, to smile under the water but there we go.

I think it is probably the same as when I walk, that moment when you begin to enjoy the exercise for what it is and relax into it. I would like to call this my swimming ‘butterfly moment’ but there is no chance of me swimming the butterfly stroke so perhaps it’s not such a good analogy here!

Now, I’m no lepidopterist but there must be something in it as when I went for a run (unfortunately a rare occurrence) recently I again found myself smiling, call it the endorphins, call it what you like, it’s definitely very inspiring.

Have you noticed what gives you your ‘butterfly moment’?


Spring arriving!



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Another dull, dark, dreich day. It’s winter, after Christmas. I should be bouncing with New Year’s resolutions, fired up and ready to go.

Hmm. Well, easier said than done.

There is one resolution I make every year, to become fitter.

I know from past experience if I get into a routine of going swimming then I’ll be happier and fitter.

I have my bag packed at all times ready to go. The only thing stopping me? The thought of going out into the cold.

Recently I watched this very inspiring clip and now I think to myself, if this lady can go and swim in the sea (THE SEA!) then I can go and swim in a nice, warm pool.

I heard someone say they ‘never regret going for a run’. Well true enough, I never regret going for a swim.

As Dory says, ‘Just keep swimming’.