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The Patchwork Plan

I have a plan. I’m setting myself a target.

One blog post a week for the next year.


My posts will be a patchwork of ideas, inspiration, and, hopefully, a little bit of sunshine – all in the time it takes to have a cup of tea!

I am a self-confessed Jack (Jill)-of-all-trades: someone who is always happy to learn new skills. So to pin down a theme for a blog has proven too difficult for me!

So, what to expect? Well if I had to write a recipe for this blog it would include:

books, writing, poetry, wildlife, gardening, baking, crafts, travel, music, the seasons, children, dog walking and more I’m sure.

Most of all I’d like to share the things that make me smile.

I hope you like it and I’m looking forward to having fun writing!


Last week I planted some hyacinth bulbs, getting ready for the coming winter days when there aren’t so many flowers in the garden.

As I did this I was thinking about National Poetry Day on Thursday and how one of my favourite poems for children  is Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Bed in Summer’.

For me this poem is always a reminder of the long summer nights when you just want to be outside enjoying the light. Planting hyacinths is a signal of the shortening of the hours of daylight when you are inside so much more. Hence the need for hyacinths!



(Pictured mug; ‘Machair’ by Highland Stoneware, Lochinver – and there’s always time for a flower photo!)




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Looking forward

I have planted apple trees in my garden. I am planting them for the future. I hope they will be here for many generations to come. I hope the apple trees grow to become old and gnarled with their boughs laden with fruit. I am hoping all ages pick them, bite into them and enjoy the crisp, crunch of an apple. Perhaps they will be made into my favourite, apple crumble? Maybe they will be used for chutneys to spice up plain sandwiches in the dead of winter?


I hope they will cheer the future, welcoming every year with their spring dresses of blossom.

Recently I found myself sitting in silence on a bench in the wild garden at Woodend Barn in Banchory. The thin trunks of crab apple trees on my left caught my attention. How could their spindly branches hold so many apples? Despite their apparent frailty they must be so strong inside.

Writer in Residence,  Elaine Reid encouraged us to write a haiku, so here we go –


Crab Apples

Laden boughs of apples

Hidden strength in your core.

Rosy cheeked glow



Flowers · Garden · Inspiration · Poetry

Sweet Peas


Back in April I spent five minutes sewing a few sweet pea seeds. As the weeks passed I spent a minute or two watering the seedlings now and then. It didn’t take long to pot them on as they grew taller. Being a fair weather gardener I planted them outside on a dry day.

Now, today I am picking the flowers. It’s early morning and it looks like it’s going to be a warm, sunny day. What a  great start to my day to smell the perfume of these delicate beauties, to admire the combination of colour, to feel the pride of achievement.


To know that five minutes here or there can slowly, slowly build to something beautiful.



Poetry link: Alfred Noyes, ‘A Child’s Vision’.