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Laughter and Literature in Children’s Fiction

Set the scene, the Lady of Shalott floating gracefully down the river. All is calm.

Outside the isle a shallow boat 
Beneath a willow lay afloat, 
Below the carven stern she wrote, 

       The Lady of Shalott. 


The Lady of Shalott features in Anne of Green Gables

Now imagine Anne Shirley in the place of the great lady, one minute drifting along, the next her boat has sunk and she is clinging to a post in the river!

It could only happen to Anne of Green Gables. Even though I read this as a child, the thought of Anne’s escapade and its dramatic conclusion still makes me laugh today.  This was my first introduction to The Lady of Shalott by Alfred, Lord Tennyson and I have remembered it ever since.

Perhaps it is one of the greatest compliments a writer can pay to another, to acknowledge and include the other’s work in their own with the hope of introducing it to a whole new audience.


After all isn’t it natural to want to share fiction we love?


Hellebores in the spring sunshine

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