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Looking Forward (2)

Sometimes we have an experience that is a wee nugget. Something to cherish.

In one of my first blog posts, back in September, I wrote about my time attending workshops at Woodend Barn in Banchory. As part of the ‘Flourish’ project, Elaine Reid used the wild garden to help inspire our group to write poetry.

This week an exhibition, created by Elaine about the whole ‘Flourish’ project is open to the public, for free, at the Barn.

The group poem we created in the Flourish workshop

So, yesterday I had a lovely afternoon wondering around the exhibition, reading the poem I had helped to create, walking a labyrinth and enjoying a delicious bowl of parsnip and carrot soup in Buchanan’s Bistro.

The whole experience of attending these workshops in the wild garden, meeting other writers, collaborating and sharing our work has been a joy.  I feel I have learnt so much and have certainly been inspired.


I am looking forward.


With poems from the workshops at the Flourish exhibition



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