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Inspiring Dog Days

Sometimes it’s dark, rainy, cold, dreich, miserable and you just don’t feel like going out for a walk.

Molly and her new favourite toy.

Then again, if you’re a dog owner, you don’t have much choice! Maybe that’s a good thing. Yes, there is no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong clothes, I’ve heard it.

Still, say you do go out for a walk, there is beauty in the darkness.

Shape, form. Twisted trees, reaching on and up towards the light. Droplets balanced on pine needles. The surprise sighting of a heron crouched and tucked up tightly beside a nearly obscured pond.


Every time I go for a walk I find some different aspect of nature to think about. I want to learn more about the world around me. The birds I hear singing, what are they? The clouds, what type? Are they Altocumulus, Stratus, Cirrus, Cumulonimbus? Fabulous names to match stunning patterns.

I return home enthused, of course this is another excuse for me to indulge my love of learning and books!



I hope you do get a chance to go for a walk today.

Then, when you come back home, switch the kettle on and settle down with a cuppa – here are a couple of book recommendations for all nature lovers, with links to my reviews on GoodReads.


The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd    Findings by Kathleen Jamie


Year of the Dog

I had a request recently for more dog photos! Always happy to respond to a request if I can, I am going to introduce Molly, our Springer Spaniel.

Eat two dinners? Me?

It does seem appropriate considering the Chinese Year of the Dog has just begun.

So, Molly, a bit of a rascal, perfect in kennels, a runaway in the woods, grumpy before dinner, would eat pretty much anything, (two dinners if she can get away with it!) very keen on carrots, sleepy the majority of the time, patient when patted, attention seeking, frightened of a bath, cautious of other dogs but happy to play and chases rabbits in her sleep!

Has been described as a dalmation due to her black and white markings, silky soft and often very fluffy!






Perhaps a bit too anthropomorphic but she has become a fully fledged member of our family – and worth a whole blog post of her own!





First snowdrops