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Another dull, dark, dreich day. It’s winter, after Christmas. I should be bouncing with New Year’s resolutions, fired up and ready to go.

Hmm. Well, easier said than done.

There is one resolution I make every year, to become fitter.

I know from past experience if I get into a routine of going swimming then I’ll be happier and fitter.

I have my bag packed at all times ready to go. The only thing stopping me? The thought of going out into the cold.

Recently I watched this very inspiring clip and now I think to myself, if this lady can go and swim in the sea (THE SEA!) then I can go and swim in a nice, warm pool.

I heard someone say they ‘never regret going for a run’. Well true enough, I never regret going for a swim.

As Dory says, ‘Just keep swimming’.


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